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Professional Performance

Native 2,048 x 1,080 Panels*

The PLV-HD2000N/E employs three high-precision LCD panels of native 2,048 x 1,080 resolution. They project the high-resolution images of the 2K x 1K digital cinema format in full resolution. * An industry first for transmissive LCD projectors, as of May 12, 2006. (According to a Sanyo survey.)


Image-Enhancing Circuitry . Triple 3D Digital Circuits:

The combination of a 3D digital progressive circuit, a 3D digital Y/C separation circuit, and a 3D digital noise reduction circuit produces truly beautiful images. . Hybrid Crosstalk Canceller: The canceller minimizes crosstalk that is generated by signal interference between the LCD panel drive ICs and the driven pixels.

Intelligent Sharpness Control:

This helps to render sharp, crisp projection images at all times, regardless of the RGB/video input mode. . 3D-AUCC: This is a circuit that corrects color irregularities due to brightness differences, to produce natural gradation.


Newly Developed 12-Bit Signal Processing Circuit

Sanyo has developed a 12-bit signal processing circuit, providing full 2-3 pulldown compatibility, motion adaptive line interpolation and progressive scanning of 1080i HDTV signals. It helps assure impressive image quality from virtually any source, including HDTV content.


High-Contrast System

This advanced optical system achieves high contrast* to project high-quality images with rich black reproduction, maximizing the quality of the video signals. *Contrast ratio (full on/full off) of 1,000:1


High Color Purity Optical System

This advanced system improves the color purity of the three primary colors (red, blue, and green) to deliver an overall color performance that's ideal for digital cinema.


Motor-Driven Lens Shift

This function allows the user to position the image easily (up/down and left/right) even after the projector is installed. It is especially useful when aligning images from two stacked units.


Multiple Lamp System

Multiple high-intensity lamps ensure bright images. Depending on the projection conditions, you can select high-brightness mode, which uses all lamps, or economy mode*, which turns on only half of the installed lamps. Should a lamp burn out in high-brightness mode, the fail-safe feature instantly switches to economy mode. *The brightness level is reduced to about half that of high-brightness mode. In the PLV-HD2000, the fail-safe feature switches operation to single-lamp mode. In this case, the color/brightness irregularity correction function is disabled. Single-lamp mode is activated only as an emergency measure.


Dual-Lind SDI

The Dual-Link SDI (serial digital interface) projects lifelike images from 2K (2048 x 1080) signals to bring exceptionally high image quality to digital content. It also renders beautiful images from HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals through a single link.


Abundant Optional Lenses

A wide variety of optional lenses, from short to long-throw, are provided to match various applications. The bayonet-mount system makes replacement easy.